Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"My Dad Said..."

My son, is quite literally the funniest person I know. I have to admit to frequently stealing his comments and observations and sharing them on facebook.

Yesterday was an interesting day with him, because he was on a very solid lying streak. Luckily, the benefit of a three-year-old’s lies, are that they are pretty easy to pinpoint. Here were yesterday’s doozies! I think this is probably going to be the start of a very frustrating and entertaining phase...

#1. Tuesday October 13, 7:15 am
“My dad said I could have a piece of candy for putting my clothes on.”
I know my husband better than to believe he would bribe our son this early with a piece of candy. When I shared this with Dan, he told me he thought that Tyler misunderstood something he told him. I think the boy knew exactly what dad said to him, and he said to mom.

#2. Tuesday, October 13, 5:45 pm
“My friend Cameron gave me his crackers.”
My response: “I hope that is true.” Tyler had folded up an extra large amount of animal crackers in a napkin. I’d seen his “friend” Cameron playing with some other kids, with very little to no concern for the food Tyler and another boy were focused on. I think Cameron just wasn’t guarding his food the way Tyler thought he should have. J Ty did not let this one slip, until we were out in the car.

I’ve learned another telling sign that he is lying, is he justifies the things he does or wants, that normally he wouldn’t even think of talking about, MUCH more when he is telling us the fibs!

Sneaky boy…  

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