About Us

Transitioning from the workforce into being a Stay At Home Mom, is not an easy task. And this will be the second time my family has willingly volunteered and cooperated with the transition. Below, you'll find our little family of gluttons for punishment.

Voted World's Best Mom. Lacking in the virtue of patience but swimming in the need to plan and organize. Master of Adult Coloring Pages. Extreme Hobbyist. Chief Executive Hooker of Hooking Mom Crochet. Art Babbler. Living Room Rock Star. Sweet Tooth Slave. Baking and Cake Decorating Diva. Monopoly Executioner. Highly Sensitive INFJ. Ani Difranco Super Fan. Literary Fanatic. Makeup Aficionado. Some patience may be required, handle with care.


Communications Guru by day, Daddy Warrior at Dusk. Tech Nerd. Computer Geek. Wood (and Nails) Manipulator. Master of Anything the Kids can do Once. Collector of Cars (Matchbox). Occasional Pimp to Hooking Mom. Loser of Monopoly, Trampoline Dare Devil. Guinea Pig Tamer. Ruthless Possum Executioner. Home Improvement Fanatic. Reigning Champion of "Getting Stuff Done."

7 Year Old Expert Lego Engineer, Living Room Samauri, Observational Extraordinaire, Smarty Pants.


3 Year Old Master of Disguise, Living Room Pink Ranger Samauri, Ariel Lover, crashing through life at the speed of keeping up, Recovered Preemie.