Thursday, October 21, 2010

Coos and Bullies

Life with a preemie and a three year old. Yes, interesting. Colt has finally reached a healthy 8 lbs for a 3 month old baby, and this is a great thing. He is catching up quickly, and spending less time sleeping… already! He is starting to enjoy “talking” and cooing and sometimes I swear words accidently slip out even though I’m sure it is more my/our brains registering it as a familiar word than him actually acknowledging he understands something or has any idea what he is saying at all.

Plans for holidays are starting to come together. Thanksgiving at my mother’s house with her & my stepfather, my sister’s family, my family, and my in-laws. That’s going to be a lot of people for that little house, but we’ve have big groups in small spaces before, and if nothing else, it helps us keep a tight rein on the children. … and let’s have some excitement for the upcoming of Black Friday! Yay! Wonder who is going to step up to watch the kids for us this year? Any volunteers?

Ty has been grappling with how to deal with a bully at school this week, which is sort of interesting and totally heart-breaking at such an early age. He got bit so hard the other day at school that the other boy broke the skin on Ty’s leg through his jeans. Tyler keeps talking to us about it even though the two war wounds he received the other day were the only physical effects he has shown for his trouble this week. Bullies at three… ugh. Not to mention a complete meltdown he had this morning when I tried to get him dressed. A bad mood from him is not uncharacteristic for the morning, but this level of meltdown was. Poor guy, I think he is looking forward to the weekend. I think we will try to take it easy and get some pumpkins.

Tyler has said more than once he wants to be a bunny for Halloween. I think this is the 3rd or 4th costume idea he has had this year. His last was Iron Man, and I was sort of looking forward to that one. I’m not sure how I feel about the bunny. J Boo for Halloween on a Sunday night. I’m not sure we will get a chance to take them trick-or-treating because of the school night. I’m torn about Halloween this year, and I know my time to get ready is counting down.

On a more positive note, we have learned how to exhaust Tyler... Give him a kite, and let him run around the backyard with it for about an hour. This is what happens... And please note, this kid is definitely NOT known for his "relaxing". He is always thinking, and always doing. 

We are definitely willing to take kite donations for anyone who wishes to contribute to the sanity of the parents of a young boy.

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